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Mobile Easy Arm

Mobile Lifting Solution for High-Speed Precision Ergonomic Lifting

Integrated lifting system between a powered pallet truck and a Gorbel Easy Arm™. This Intelligent Lifting Device allows for easy relocation to anywhere high-speed, precision, ergonomic lifting is required

It can be moved to different workstations for picking and turning a variety of objects weighing up to 330 pounds. Now, facilities can easily move and relocate a Gorbel Easy Arm™ for picking and placing items including motors, rolls, disks, brake buckets, hardware and more.
In contrast to having multiple stationary cranes for moving and placing objects, a mobile Easy Arm™ is all that’s needed. It can be easily moved to different workstations for improved processing productivity. Engineered with an on-board invertor and 24-volt battery system, the Portable Base offers a self-contained power supply therefor no external AC power is required (except when charging the batteries). Charging is accomplished using a standard 120-voltsingle-phase outlet.

When located, operators deploy the base leveling jacks using the on-board leveling indicators, and begin lifting. This mobile lifting solution is an integrated package that includes the pallet truck, Powerhouse Portable Base and Easy Arm™ (in 165-or 330-pound capacities).

This portable base with Easy Arm™ is a unique mobile lifting solution that can be used indoors or outdoors for an array of lifting applications.

• High cycle pick and place
• Loading/unloading machined parts
• Moving products around a work cell