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Bridge Cranes Up to 5 Ton - Spans to 48 FT

Both Top & Under Running Designs

Single girder Mentor bridge cranes are built for a Class C duty service and are engineered for safe, reliable material handling. Cranes are designed to strict deflection criteria. Component parts are selected from well-respected suppliers of ELS and are easily sourced for repairs.

Each crane is ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) inspected to ensure compliance with electrical safety codes.

Typical I-beam design for spans up to 36 FT.
• Push/Pull
• Hand Geared
• Dual Drive
• End trucks have double flange wheels with permanently lubricated bearings
• I-Beam for bridge
• All welded construction
• Painted safety yellow
• Quick release coupler for easy pendant connection
• Electrical controls with flat cable conductor
• NEMA 4/12 control panel
• Bridge drives in single or two speed
• Disconnect switch
• Air-driven bridge
• Second bridge speed
• Slow bridge speed
• Bridge brake
• Spark resistant features in end truck
• Tagline
• Bolted end truck connection
• Shorter end truck (for under 24 FT span)
• Additional end stops
• Special paint
• Extra hand chain (for hand geared end trucks)
• Urethane Wheels
• Frequency drive
• Thermal overload relays
• Fusing protection
• Fused disconnect
• Travel limit switches
• Control panel (various NEMA panels)
• Hoist control in bridge panel
• Trolley control in bridge panel
• Warning horn wired to pendant
• Flashing lights
• Collector shoes & post
• Remote control
• Weather proof package
• Festooned pendant on C-track