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Balancers Pneumatic

Capacity: Up to 2,000 LB

By Zimmerman. Designed to handle virtually all your lifting, suspending and positioning applications.
• Tool balancing
• Weld gun suspension
• Fixture suspension
• Maintains constant tension throughout its full range of travel
• Anti-friction ball screw that creates smooth rotation path for the cable reel
• Heavy-duty thrust bearing that absorbs piston force and transfers smooth reel rotation over the ball screw
• Low-friction cable guide (not shown). Ensures smooth cable feed on and off the reel
• Air chamber and piston
B: Basic, no controls

BA: Balancer equipped with (BA)

Single Balance: Control is an excellent alternative to traditional spring balancers. The balance range of a single capacity Balancer is equivalent to that of 10 different capacity spring balancers with the main difference being that the Balancer maintains constant tension throughout its full range of travel

ZA: Zimmerman balancer “ZA” series is the most common, and is designed for high speed, precision handling of variable weight loads. Up/down movement is accomplished through the use of an ergonomically designed pendant with low-effort, color coded thumb levers.

After positioning the load with the pendant control, the unit defaults into a “Float” mode that allows the operator up to 18 IN to manually adjust the load for final positioning