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Featured Product: Steerable Transfer Carts

Power Transmission Assembly A global market leader in drive technology was expanding their Canadian manufacturing business to accommodate a power transmission product line that was being relocated from another location. They were looking for equipment to handle assemblies weighing approx. 7,500 pounds through a multi stage build process and then ship the finished product from their factory in Southern Ontario to end-users located across Canada.

At their other manufacturing location, transmission assemblies were handled with electric powered carts. Finished product was shipped by strapping the product onto large wooden skids for fork trucks to transfer into transport trailers. There were problems with this shipping method in that the wooden skids could break under their heavy load resulting in product damage and ongoing costs were a concerning factor as the skids were custom made, expensive and for single use only.

Motivated to lower shipping costs and make handling easier for their heavy product, the company explored handling options but didn’t find anything that suited their needs. Having sourced lifting solutions from ELS in the past, the company’s international engineering manager requested that ELS propose handling solutions to the company. After discussions, budgetary review and evaluation of the overall scope of what the company wanted, ELS proposed two choices.

ELS’s first recommendation was two battery-powered Steerable Transfer Carts for moving assemblies through the initial build process. ELS’s second recommendation was a fleet of towed Skid Carts moved by a powered Tugger as an economical solution for transferring product through the final build and testing process as well as for shipping the product to the end-users.

The company evaluated ELS’s recommendations and immediately realized the two powered Steerable Transfer Carts equipped with scissor lift tables would be a first-rate solution for moving product during the initial build stage. The fleet of towed Skid Carts with Tuggers were a better fit for their budget and definitely an appealing solution for the final build and testing process. The Skid Carts would also be perfect for shipping their product to their customers.

Based on a multi-year plan that would in the long term give cost savings, the company chose to purchase two battery powered Steerable Transfer Carts along with multiple towed Skid Carts.