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Featured Product: Steerable Transfer Carts

Die Handling - Automotive Metal Stamping Problem: A company used a 2-piece die handling process with an overhead crane, but changes to the manufacturing process required die be moved to a location beyond the lifting area of the crane. The two pieces of die were not the same weight or size. One weighed approximately 13 ton, the other 17 ton. Both had unique shapes and dimensions. Additionally, the travel path required travel through a doorway and to negotiate several turns.

Alternatives: A forklift was considered, however was discarded as a solution due to the physical size of forklift vs die.

Solution: Mentor steerable battery-powered transfer cart with custom deck fixture, designed & manufactured by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

Features & Benefits: Cart has 20 ton capacity and flip out panels that are used to accommodate the two die halves. UHMW pads lined the fixture and flip-out panels to prevent damage to the die from metal on metal contact. Dry cell batteries provide hours of drive time and require no maintenance. An on-board charger plugs conveniently into a 120 volt wall outlet for battery recharging. Hand-held pendant controller providing motion control (forward, backward, left, right). Warning alarms (audible and flashing light) alert workers in the area of the cart when operating. A quick disconnect plug conveniently allows pendant cable change-out without the need for an electrician. The pendant cable has a strain relief to prevent damage from excessive tension. There is also provision for remote controller for wireless cart operation.