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29 November 2013
ELS Job Fair Event Dec 11 3:00 - 7:00 pm
December 11, 2013 from 3:00-7:00 pm at ELS 275 Union Street, ON N3B 3P1Read the full story.

08 October 2013
CWB Quality Mark B Destinction
ELS is now part of the CWB Quality ProgramRead the full story.

28 August 2013
Patent Obtained for Destuff-IT™ Product Line
for both Destuff-IT & Restuff-ITRead the full story.

08 August 2013
Ongoing CWB Certification at ELS
Commitment Quality & SafetyRead the full story.

24 July 2013
Kito SHB Ultra Low Headroom Chain Hoist
Effective Hoisting Solution for Applications Where Space Is LimitedRead the full story.

04 January 2013
ELS supplies Roll Handling Manipulator
Designed to Lift & Turning 2000 lb RollsRead the full story.

03 October 2012
New Product: Restuff-IT™ Loader
Ergonomic Assist Device for Container & Trailer LoadingRead the full story.

04 June 2012
Force Sensing Handles
For Gorbel's G-Force, Easy Arm and G-Jib ProductsRead the full story.

25 January 2012
New Product Release: Destuff-IT Machines
Ergonomic Container UnloadingRead the full story.

27 September 2011
20 Ton Die Handling Cart Ships
ELS recently Shipped a 20 Ton Capacity Die Handling Steerable Transfer CartRead the full story.

13 May 2011
ELS Is Growing Again
Plant ExpansionRead the full story.

14 March 2011
ELS will be an Exhibitor at the Promat Show in Chicago, IL
Manufacturing and Supply Chain Innovation ShowRead the full story.

01 February 2011
New Aluminum Gantry Crane by Gorbel ®
Portable Light Weight Lifting SolutionRead the full story.

15 November 2010
Destuffing Platform – A Conveyor System Accessory
Truck Unloading Solution Improves Manual Package Handling OperationsRead the full story.

06 October 2010
Lift Assist for Food Packaging Line
Ergonomic Solution for Box HandlingRead the full story.

26 July 2010
Custom Lifting Beam for Maintenance
Utilities Department Solution for Lifting Pump MotorRead the full story.

26 January 2010
New Product: G-Jib™ by Gorbel
A Smart Alternative to the Traditional Work Station Jib/Chain Hoist ComboRead the full story.

18 November 2009
Tool Solutions Jib Crane
For Lighter Capacity Applications - Great for Suspending ToolsRead the full story.

23 June 2009
Anver Lifters
Anver Corporation is introducing a vacuum tube lifter that features a new articulated head to pick up and reorient boxes to speed workflow. Read the full story.

04 June 2009
Tether Track™ by Gorbel - A Rigid Rail Anchor System
Protecting workers from falls in elevated work environments.Read the full story.

04 June 2009
Pivot Pro™ by Gorbel - An Articulating Jib Crane
Pivot Pro™ Articulating Jib CraneRead the full story.