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Featured Product: Steerable Transfer Carts

Transporter - Storage/Repair to Production A Motor Vehicle Metal Stamping company that specializes in automotive interior trim, glass assembly, vacuum forming and custom assembly had expanded their building and relocated where their storage area for metal stamping dies. The new area did not have overhead cranes unlike the old storage/maintenance area.

Dies were typically stored on angle iron and hardwood runners, beside the press. A fork truck or crane was used to pick up the dies to transfer them to production or to the tool room for maintenance. In order to gain access to the dies to transfer them to the tool room, they would need to be transported out of the production area and into area that an available fork truck could transport them. There were space restrictions in the new area that disqualified using a fork truck to handle the dies. The company explored using a rail mounted transfer cart with floor embedded rail. Having a dedicated rail path from die storage to a more accessible area seemed a likely method to transport them.

During consultation with Technical Sales from Engineered Lifting Systems (ELS) they found a better solution that being a DC powered steerable Transfer Cart. They saw the benefits of having the ability to travel freely wherever need in the plant. They also saw the benefit of a single step operation if the dies needed to go to the tool room for repair.

They chose a 25 Tonne capacity DC Steerable Transfer Cart designed for traveling the distance between the operating press and the tool room, a distance of approximately 2,000 feet round trip. The cart’s wood deck cushioned the dies preventing damage