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Featured Product: Bridge Cranes Up to 20 Ton - Spans to 70 FT

Hoisting Materials - Overhead Crane Engineered to Fit A metal fabrication company, specializing in medium to small production of prototyping and custom projects, required a custom crane for their facility. They required a 56 foot span 10 tonne capacity overhead crane with maximum hook height of 16 feet to service the machining, metal fabrication, welding, water jet cutting and laser cutting work areas.

The challenge of maximum hook height meant that one end of the crane’s low profile bridge beam had to be engineered with a custom notch in order to clear the structure steel roof trusses.

The company entertained several companies before selecting Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.’s custom Mentor Bridge Crane for the job. Their choice was not solely based on price, but rather the customization to achieve the required fit and maximum hook height, in addition, receiving a robust design, all of which were part of the selection process